Professional Restaurant Gas Tandoors

Professional Restaurant Gas Tandoor

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Restaurant Gas Tandoor


  • Ready to use (No fitting of Burners or plate or Control valves required – Just Connect Hose)
  • ANSI/FDA Certified Clay (US & CANADA).
  • NSF/ANSI-4/ETL Certified* for Gas Safety and Sanitation (US & CANADA)
  • Auto Ignition – CSA Listed* (No More Match Lights or Burning Paper)
  • Panel Design to suit left Handed and Right Handed users.
  • Flame Failure safety device – CSA/AGA/CE Certified*(Safety at Work)
  • Pilot flame – CSA Listed*( Get convenience and save gas too)
  • Heavy Duty Gas burner (very high BTU/KW with SIM Control)
  • Forged Brass / Copper fittings.
  • Double insulated with ceramic Insulation.
  • Double body Monoque chassis design.
  • Designed for minimum heat loss.
  • Economical & Fuel Saver.
  • High quality Stainless Steel Exterior.
  • Long lasting specially build reinforced clay.
  • Very heavy duty burner baffle plate (deflects flame where most required – lasts very long).
  • Heavy duty ANSI/NSF listed wheels with brake for easy placement & mobility.
  • Stainless Steel Towel hanger*
  • Easy access for gas pipe line and burner. (Servicing & Cleaning is easy)
  • Proper entry point for Gas (No more Hanging pipes posing risk)
  • Baffle plate for gas tandoor provided to strategically position the burner lava as to get the best heat transfer for a quick and economic heating in the oven.
  • Heavy duty taper top cover for gas escape (Cannot completely close the lid accidently – avoids build up of bad gases & increases life of clay pot)
  • Stainless Steel bowl with SS Cover & SS Handle*.
  • Each Tandoor individually tested and marked as per Certification Norms or Buyer Requirement based on Type and Pressure of Gas.
  • Each Tandoor* is supplied with Back Stoppers (No more tandoor pushing the back wall while working)
  • Each Tandoor* comes with HOSE RESTRAINING DEVICE (Safety @ Work)
Gas Tandoor Range is manufactured country specific ensuring easy installation, gas safety, ease of working. Very high heat burners help replace charcoal to give out the best performance to the professional chef.

Pre-Installed Gas Burners, Flame Failure Safety Devices, Flame Control, Ignition with Back Stoppers and hose restraining device*.  Duly calibrated to gas code for safety on Natural Gas, LP Gas depending on your country gas type and pressure.

NSF/ANSI-4/ETL Certified for the USA and CANADA these gas tandoors run on Natural Gas, LP Gas, and Town Gas with low pressure or high pressure burners as per requirement.  Gas Saving with Gas Safety helps quick return on your investment. 
Model Number Recommendation (Covers/seats) Dimension in Inches
Weight in Kg (lbs) Fuel Certification and Compliance Double
Body + Double Insulation
Sale in Countries Remarks Download
Width Depth Height Mouth Product Product + Pkg
GT-9100 120
120 Plus Seater Restaurant / Banquet / Large Volume Production / Medditeranian & Middle Eastern Cooking
36 (92) 40 (101) 37 (94) 19 (48) 500 (1100) 550 (1250) NATURAL GAS NSF/ANSI-4/ETL/CSA Sanitation & Gas Safety USA & CANADA ONLY Largest Pot Size in Gas Certified Tandoor Oven in USA & CANADA with Very Heavy Duty Burner for Continous Output
GT-925 EU 120
Plus Seater
36 (92) 40 (101) 37 (94) 19 (48) 500 (1100) 550 (1250) NATURALGAS. L.P GAS. TOWN GAS Fitted with AGA/CSA Safety Devices Worldwide except
Large Volume Pot & Very Heavy Duty Burner for Continous Output
GT-8150 90
Plus Seater
Restaurant/ Banquet
34 (86) 38 (97) 37 (94) 17 (43) 385 (850) 425 (935) Natural Gas NSF/ANSI-4/ETL Sanitation & Gas Safety USA & CANADA ONLY Large Mouth & Large Belly make it an ideal certified tandoor for Places that cannot fit the 9100 in the US/Canada
GT-8100 80
Plus Seater
32 (81) 36 (92) 36 (92) 16 (41) 365 (800) 400 (900) Natural Gas NSF/ANSI-4/ETL Sanitation & Gas Safety USA & CANADA ONLY Largest selling size Certified Restaurant Tandoor in USA
GT-810EU 80
Plus Seater
Restaurant/ Banquet
32 (81) 36 (92) 36 (92) 16 (41) 365 (800) 400 (900) NATURALGAS. L.P GAS. TOWN GAS   Worldwide except
Best Size for Standard Restaurants
GT-7100 70
Plus Seater Restaurant/
28 (71) 32 (81) 34 (86) 14 (35) 270 (595) 300 (675) Natural Gas NSF/ANSI-4/ETL Sanitation & Gas Safety USA & CANADA ONLY Size for Small Restaurant & Takeaway
GT-710EU 70
Plus Seater Restaurant/
28 (71) 32 (81) 34 (86) 14 (35) 270 (595) 300 (675) NATURALGAS. L.P GAS. TOWN GAS   Worldwide except
Size for Small Restaurant & Takeaway
GT-5100 60
Plus Outdoor Catering
Food Trucks
Small Joints
24 (61) 28 (71) 34 (86) 13 (33) 190 (425) 220 (500) Natural Gas, LP GAS NSF/ANSI-4/ETL Sanitation & Gas Safety USA & CANADA ONLY Model that changed the Catering Industry in Tandoori cooking for the USA Market
GT-610EU 60
Plus Outdoor Catering
Food Trucks
Small Joints
24 (61) 28 (71) 34 (86) 13 (33) 190 (425) 220 (500) NATURALGAS. L.P GAS. TOWN GAS   Worldwide except
Catering & Outdoor & Small Takeaway
Know more about Iron Pots
Iron Pots are not permitted by NSF/ANSI-4 Standards in the USA and CANADA hence are not supplied for USA and CANADA).
Installation of Gas Tandoors should only be done by authorised gas plumber/fitter as per local code norm of the State/Country
Weights and Dimensions are approximate since the pots are hand made and variation is possible.
Due to continous improvement dimensions and outlook can change without prior notice - confirm before ordering

Recommended for

While making the recommendation we take general figures based on experience. The actual requirement based on limitations and need of a particular user shall change the requirement of a particular model.
The following have been considered but not limited to when recommending the tandoors for number of covers (seats) in a restaurant.
  • Expertise of the Chef – An experienced chef shall churn out more naan breads from a given tandoor than a Novice.
  • Cuisine – Multi Cuisine eateries shall require a smaller tandoor vis a vis a dedicated restaurant serving only authentic tandoori cuisine.
  • Lunch or Dinner or Both
  • Restaurant with or without takeaway – a Restaurant with a takeaway shall need a larger or more number of tandoors vis a vis an eatery with the same covers and no takeaway or to go option.
A lot of things were considered when making the chart for the recommendation of tandoor sizes, a lot of customer calls and sales over the last 2 decades were considered too. There are so many examples to the situation. People calling an requiring a 36inch tandoor oven for a 20 people restaurant. NOTE: It is not the outer size but the volume inside the pot that plays the role. A 40 Inch (100cm) body on the outside might not necessarily have a larger pot than a 32inch (80cm) tandoor oven made by Golden Tandoors.
*Model Specific
Due to Continuous improvement specifications and sizes are subject to change without prior notice. Ask for latest Specification Sheet for particular models.

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