Restaurant Electric Tandoor

Restaurant Electric Tandoor

Restaurant Charcoal Tandoor | Restaurant Gas Tandoor
Professional Restaurant Electric Tandoor

  • Good for Airports, Restaurants, Lounges, Cruise Liners, Shopping Malls where Gas and Charcoal use is not permitted or viable.
  • Ready to use.
  • No Heavy Exhaust Fumes to Vent.
  • CE Certified*
  • High Heat Input Design
  • Controls as per EU Standards
  • High Capacity Long Life Electric Heaters
  • Digital Temperature Controller
  • Digital Temperature Display
  • Circuit Protection
  • Precise Control Of temperature
  • Very Quick initial heat time.
  • Designed for Minimum Heat Loss.
  • Economical & Fuel Saver.
  • High Quality Stainless Steel Exterior.
  • Long Lasting specially build reinforced clay.
  • Heavy Duty wheels with Brake for easy Placement & Mobility.
  • The rapidity of baking and cooking by radiant, conductive and convective heat transfer ensures the sealing in of the flavors and juices of the edible products.
  • Oil and fat free cooking of other edibles in a practical and energy efficient manner.
  • Easy access for Electrical Connections.
  • Special Stainless Steel / AL covering on Heating Elements to protect skewer pricking & Food Spillage.
  • Heavy duty top cover & imported heat resistant handle.
  • Also Available with Wall/Distant Mounted IP-55 and IP-60 Control Panel
Professional Restaurant Electric Tandoor Professional Restaurant Electric Tandoor
Model Number Recommendation (Covers/seats) Dimension in
Inches (CM)
Weight in Kg (lbs) Fuel Double Body
+ Double Insulation
Stainless Steel Bowls with SS Lid Remarks Download
Width Depth Height Mouth Product Product + Pkg
GT-810EL 70 Plus Restaurant/Banquet
32 (81) 36 (92) 37 (94) 15 (38) 470 (1050) 580 (1250)

ELECTRIC 380/440 V, 50/60 Hz, 3 Phase Supply with ground


Best Size for Standard Restaurants
GT-710EL 40 Plus Restaurant/Takeaway
28 (71) 32 (81) 34 (86) 13 (33) 360 (800) 450 (1000) ELECTRIC 380/440 V, 50/60 Hz, 3 Phase Supply with ground
Size for Small Restaurant & Takeaway
GT-610EL 60 Plus Catering / Takeaway
& Outdoor
24 (61) 28 (71) 34 (86) 12 (30) 300 (650) 390 (850) ELECTRIC 220V Single Phase + N + Ground, 50 Hz or 380/440V, 50/60Hz, 3Phase Supply with Ground   Catering & Outdoor &
OPTIONAL - MILD STEEL, STAINLESS STEEL, CERAMIC POT AVAILABLE IN ELECTRIC MODELS. Standard models come with heavy duty authentic clay pots.
Iron Pot for TandoorKnow more about Iron Pots
Iron Pots are not permitted by NSF/ANSI-4 Standards in the USA and CANADA hence are not supplied for USA and CANADA).
Installation of Electric Tandoors should only be done by Licensed Electric Fitter as per local code norm of the State/Country
Weights and Dimensions are approximate since the pots are hand made and variation is possible.
Due to continous improvement dimensions and outlook can change without prior notice - confirm before ordering

Recommended for

While making the recommendation we take general figures based on experience. The actual requirement based on limitations and need of a particular user shall change the requirement of a particular model.
The following have been considered but not limited to when recommending the tandoors for number of covers (seats) in a restaurant.
  • Expertise of the Chef – An experienced chef shall churn out more naan breads from a given tandoor than a Novice.
  • Cuisine – Multi Cuisine eateries shall require a smaller tandoor vis a vis a dedicated restaurant serving only authentic tandoori cuisine.
  • Lunch or Dinner or Both
  • Restaurant with or without takeaway – a Restaurant with a takeaway shall need a larger or more number of tandoors vis a vis an eatery with the same covers and no takeaway or to go option.
A lot of things were considered when making the chart for the recommendation of tandoor sizes, a lot of customer calls and sales over the last 2 decades were considered too. There are so many examples to the situation. People calling an requiring a 36inch tandoor oven for a 20 people restaurant. NOTE: It is not the outer size but the volume inside the pot that plays the role. A 40 Inch (100cm) body on the outside might not necessarily have a larger pot than a 32inch (80cm) tandoor oven made by Golden Tandoors.
*Model Specific
Due to Continuous improvement specifications and sizes are subject to change without prior notice. Ask for latest Specification Sheet for particular models.

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